A downloadable Turn Based Rogue-like for Windows and Android

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1 Bit Survivor is an easy to play but difficult to master randomly generated rogue-like with stylized pixel art and survival horror elements.

Fight to survive 28 Days of the Zed-pocalypse and save your pet Cat!

  • Simple controls: Move and Shoot
  • Casual: Easy to play but difficult to master
  • Turn-Based: Take your time and make your choices carefully
  • Survival Horror: Limited resources make every decision matter
  • Rogue-like: Only one chance to survive, if you die it is Game Over
  • Upgrade your character with randomized Items
  • Choose your play style with three Unlockable Classes

Created by Solo Developer Chaz Acheronti

See how the game was made with the Documentary on YouTube!

Devlog Playlist

Android Versions

  • Available for FREE on Google Play Store with Leaderboards and Achievements!
  • Itch.io Android Version has no Ads and no connection to Google Play Services.

Windows Version ( Experimental )

  • Early Access Windows build (currently no controller support)
  • WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
  • Hold Spacebar to Aim and Fire
  • Enter Key to Skip Turn
  • Mouse required to interact with prompts and menus
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Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorChaz Acheronti
Tags1-bit, Horror, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Turn-based


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1 Bit Survivor - Windows [Full v1.2.0] 40 MB
1 Bit Survivor - Windows <Old Release v1.1.8>
1 Bit Survivor - Android [ Full v1.2.1] 65 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
1 Bit Survivor - Android <Old Release v1.2.0> 65 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
1 Bit Survivor - Android <Old Release v1.1.8> 53 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
1 Bit Survivor - Original Soundtrack.zip
if you pay $2.99 USD or more

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Made an account just to say this game is awesome!

It's very fun game! I supported you!

I play with my left hand on the keyboard and my right hand on the mouse, and hitting enter to skip a turn is a bit annoying.

For example, can I assign a skip turn to the left shift key?

It seems to be very comfortable to play with just that!

it says it has a virus plz fix this

Very fun! Love the style too, very snappy.

I'm really enjoying this but can't figure out what the spanner thing is for?Great game, thanks!


Hi Ed! The spanner/wrench is needed to upgrade your character at the end of each week.

having trouble with sideloading the new update file, " Could not find a top-level .pdx file"

Thanks for posting this issue, I'll see what i can do!

Made a video


Thanks for covering the game!


Cool game here's a speedrun


Great  job on the speedrun! I left a comment on your video as well 🏆

Did a playthrough of this earlier, loved it!  Is the pushback upgrade intended to only affect your gun?  Knife didn't seem to gain a pushback effect.

Yes, Pushback only works on the gun. I found out that if I put it on the knife it will break the balance of the game 😅

Yeaaahh I definitely came to realize that after another run or two, bullets would become far more expendable if that was the case. Makes total sense!

This was so fun. After the video I kept playing and was so close to making it to 28 days. I'm looking forward to trying out the other survivors.  This was a good example of taking a seemingly straight forward concept and executing it very well. Great job!

Thanks for the kind words 😸

BRILLANT GAME ...my vote 10/10+

Thank you so much for playing!