Phantom Proxy Update v0.0.4

This week comes with a lot of gameplay fine tuning and getting closer to the basic core loop / interaction with enemies.

Combat / Weapon  Changes

  • Prevent firing during reload
  • Removed infinite magazines
  • Added the ammo crate, fills up empty mags and current magazine
  • Animated a placeholder reload for the ASLT rifle
  • Ammo is no longer represented as text, instead it is displayed as bullet icons that deplete as the player fires

Movement Changes

  • Fixed walking on ramps downward
  • Changed ground detection to overlap sphere, so gravity is correctly calculated when standing on the edge or "floating"
  • Added ground clank sounds for landing from a jump
  • Jump now moves the player toward their input direction, and can no longer be instantly influenced in the air
  • Player may hold a movement direction after the jump to influence where they land, but they still have a predictable landing after they jump
  • Walking animation no longer played in the air
  • Changed jump noise to something more quake like

Visual Changes

  • When taking damage, player will see red visor hue and hexagons 
  • The weapon reticle is now accurately represented based on a raycast from the barrel of the equipped weapon
  • Enemy health is now represented on screen as a circular fill that depletes counter-clockwise
  • Enemy name is now displayed when locked on to

This is the end of Sprint II. I got somewhat ahead of myself on some of these features, especially the enemy health fill. It's definitely one of the main mechanics of the game and I couldn't stop myself from working on it, but it pushed multiple weapons, new enemies, or rooms to the next sprint. Jumping also took longer than I thought (and it still needs tweaking), but it feels closer to how I imagined it feeling.

Hopefully I can bring back dashing in the next sprint, but I think my main focus will be a secondary weapon and a rudimentary weapon management system.

If you read this far, thank you so much for your interest in my game! Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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