Updating to the current BUILD

Update to build v0.0.3 (Windows only)

Hello! It's been a while! 

The game has been getting some activity and it has pulled me back into the development trenches. I decided to update the current free build to the latest one I have in my repo which includes the following improvements:

  • New HUD UI
    • Life bar has cleaner font, simply says LIFE
    • VISOR is now curved and less pixelated
    • Added a grid mask to the entire game, makes the game appear like an old display (very subtle unless there are bright shots in slow mo)
  • New RECOIL system and ANIMATIONS for the current primary weapon
    • Recoil is no longer animated and based on custom physics lerping
    • Rather than an actual laser raycasted out, it is simply a UI reticle from the barrel of the gun
    • Laser updated to have a trail like real laser sights would have when moving rapidly
  • New TEMPORARY SOUNDTRACK for intensity / proof of desired sound
    • The song is edited to include the intense parts from the track SATL - LOW END, check it out!
  • New intro MENU
    • This was originally the CODED WALLPAPER I had as the only downloadable item, but I am now using it as the intended menu for the game, which currently only has one option: hit ENTER, SPACEBAR, or RETURN to enter the data matrix


PhantomProxy_0.0.1-OSX.zip 58 MB
Jul 31, 2019
PhantomProxy_0.0.3-Windows.zip 48 MB
Aug 02, 2019


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