Ka'Poon Update v1.0.3

Ka'Poon Patch 1.0.3 Update

Hey everyone at itch! This is the first devlog post that I have made with this website and I will get into the habit of posting patch notes here rather than the game's page. Here are the changes made in this patch: - Added directional radar to avoid players relying on screen looking - Raised invisible barrier to prevent getting outside (will find a better solution to this later, maybe drowning) - Reduced detail density since it was unnecessarily thick, causing significant lag on computers that should be able to run the game - Added a LOT of new controllers including: DS3, many Logitech controllers, switch pro, mayflash gamecube, buffalo SNES. If you need a controller supported that is not supported, please comment! Before the month is over, I want to add the following to the game: - More maps (at least 2) - New soundtrack for each map - Controller options (sensitivity, inversion) - UI to support the above changes Thanks for reading the update! See you soon and please give me feedback, it makes the game better!


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Aug 04, 2017

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