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CS 108 - Game Studies Journal

This page is dedicated to all the blogs and writings I will create while taking the CS course Game Studies.

Capture the Cubes
I figured rather than create an accessory blog website that people are unlikely to find, it would be better to use a website that already hosts all my creations and has a system for development logs.


Unfortunately, I need to upload these series of blogs as a project, but the good news is that it will all be collected in one place.

Xenith Title
In addition, I will release all games and digital media that I create in the process on this page so you can download the fruits of my labor!

To view my blogs, view the devlogs at the bottom of this page. Enjoy reading my thoughts about games and whatever I decide to make in this course!

Grandma Force Gameplay


Captrue the Cubes Ruleset.pdf 462 kB
GrandmaForce_Alpha.zip 31 MB

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